Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Parfait

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I really do love plain yogurt. If I want it sweetened I will not purchase the little tubs but rather make my own. I tend to be one of those people that likes a little something sweet at the end of a meal…it doesn’t have to be a heavy dessert. I also enjoy fruit and together you have the perfect after dinner treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Your guest will appreciate this as well. I use honey which acts as refined sugar in your body but without the sharp spike. Honey is very sweet so you will more than likely not need as much to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just a note- babies should not have honey but as they get older they can enjoy it with you.

This creamy, sweet, beautiful, and rather healthy yogurt and fresh fruit parfait will be a hit in you home, that I am sure of. As I don’t eat a lot of refined sugar ( which isn’t easy trust me, I like my dessert) I find that my tolerance for sugar goes down. Meaning an apple in season really tastes sweet and satisfying. So if I do eat a dessert of some kind a little goes along way. However, I find once I eat refined sugar I crave more and more thus I know for me I need to stay away from it as much as possible. I’ll eat it for special occasions.

Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Parfait

1 Serving
1 cup plain organic yogurt
1-2 teaspoons honey, raw and unrefined
Strawberries, blueberries, any fruit will do

Combine the yogurt and honey and mix well. Place a spoonful of the yogurt mixture at the bottom of a parfait dish. Then a layer of fruit. Another spoonful of yogurt then another layer of fruit. Continue the layers until the parfait is filled. In the summer I will top it with a mint leaf from our garden. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Make several and keep in the refrigerator for a quick treat or dessert.

If you like cinnamon mix a bit in the yogurt and honey for something a little different. Enjoy!!