What’s Out There Wednesday

Once a week we share some of the food related things we are interested in. This will sometimes include links to recipes from other bloggers, articles about food in general, and perhaps even the occasional review of a kitchen tool. For now, at least, I’m calling this What’s Out There Wednesday.

For this first installment I’d like to highlight a few of the food bloggers that have inspired me these past few years. These are blogs that I visit not only for the recipes and gorgeous food photos, but for the writing as well.

david-lebovitzCelebrated cookbook author David Lebovitz has one of the oldest food blogs out there. A former pastry chef at Chez Panisse in San Francisco, CA, he now lives in Paris, France. David brings a pastry chef’s eye for detail to all of his recipes, both sweet and savory, and writes with humor and candor about living in one of the greatest (and sometimes not so great) cities in the world. One of the first recipes I cooked from David’s site (and the reason I now own a few of his cookbooks) was Roast Chicken With Caramelized Shallots, and as simple, juicy, and delicious as it was, what impressed me the most about it was the fact that it turned out exactly like I hoped it would. No small feat, especially if you’re like me and have been disappointed in the past by too many over-hyped and poorly written recipes from less conscientious cooks.

chef johnAnother go-to, reliable source of tasty fun is Chef John Mitzewich at Food Wishes. Chef John and I have the same sense of humor, and also share the same filming style. About four years ago I filmed a chef friend of mine preparing a seafood gumbo, and was adamant about shooting the entire video in close-up, insisting that there were already too many food videos that were more about the personality of the cook than the execution and quality of the dish they were preparing. Of course, within a few days of uploading my video I discovered that Chef John had been doing it “my way” for a good year before I came along. This Hamburger Bun recipe is the perfect introduction to Chef John and Food Wishes.

Pinch of YumLindsay and Bjork create beautiful dishes and share them on their website, Pinch of Yum. They also share a connection with Two Cooks, One Pot. Their home state of Minnesota is where my wife, Jan, spent her formative years. Lindsay’s Parmesan Baked Eggs will make you want to have breakfast for dinner a few times a week.

That’s it for this first edition of What’s Out There Wednesday. Look for a new video this Friday, and thanks for reading!