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Spicy Black Bean Salsa

black bean salsa http://TwoCooksOnePot.com

This is a salsa made with black beans, corn, lime juice and a bunch of other southwestern delightful ingredients.  Served with tortilla chips and maybe a little guacamole on the side you’ll have a hit on your hands. Oh and did I mention it’s fairly healthy as well?

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Salt Dome Baked Fish

walking the beach http://twocooksonepot.com

The Gulf of Mexico restores us. Normally our minds are on a hundred different things, and as soon as our feet hit the beach we calm down and live in the moment, only aware of the sea gulls squawking and the tide moving in and out as we scour the sand below us for treasures washed up from distant shores. Walking on the beach in relative solitude ironically makes me feel more connected to everyone, maybe because the warm gulf waters connect to the rest of the world in some fashion. Continue reading

Lime Tartlets | Better Than Key Lime Pie

Lime Tartlets.www.twocooksonepot.com

At least I think so. I’ve made the classic Key Lime Pie recipe a few times, but the sweetened condensed milk masked the flavor of the lime so much that I could barely tell what I was eating. Sure, it was dessert, and that’s always nice in my book, but I wanted more. Continue reading