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Healthy and Delicious Sweet Potato Cookies

Sweet Potato Cookies http://twocooksonepot.comWell it’s the new year and it seems to be the time we focus on better eating habits or losing weight or both. Eating healthy is something we try to do as part of our every day routine. Not always accomplished, but I do fairly well… as for my better half he’s trying and has gotten so much better. I am really proud of him.  For example we didn’t gain weight over the holiday. I would personally still like to shed a few pounds and look like I did at age 20. Oh, and win the lottery.

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Almond Joy Protein Bars

Almond Joy Protein Bars http://twocooksonepot.com

I’m sitting here drinking some kombucha and it’s delightfully tasty. I noticed today when I consume kombucha I’m not as hungry throughout the day. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it’s the Almond Joy Protein Bars I made this morning, I love them! I was first introduced Continue reading

Recipe Development

Chocolate Cashew Tart http://twocooksonepot.com

Recipe development can be a lot of fun, nourishing not only your body but fulfilling that part of you that likes, needs, to be creative. Jan and I are both creative people, and cooking can be a wonderful outlet for that part of ourselves on even the busiest day.

Another bonus to recipe development is that (provided you didn’t screw up too bad) you can eat your mistakes. Such was the case with the chocolate cashew tart I made last week. Continue reading

Lime Tartlets | Better Than Key Lime Pie

Lime Tartlets.www.twocooksonepot.com

At least I think so. I’ve made the classic Key Lime Pie recipe a few times, but the sweetened condensed milk masked the flavor of the lime so much that I could barely tell what I was eating. Sure, it was dessert, and that’s always nice in my book, but I wanted more. Continue reading