Our First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving TwoCooksOnePot.com

I thought I’d share our first Thanksgiving as a married couple with you.

Although I’m the oldest I was the last to marry, so I had plenty of nieces and nephews to introduce Jan to on the first Thanksgiving she spent with my family. Now, I’m not really bragging when I say I was always the favorite uncle. Given the fact that all of my siblings were parents before I got married, they were accustomed to to being in the position of having to make the occasional unpopular decree to all of the children, like “don’t hit your brother” and “use your inside voice.” Real buzz kills.

I, on the other hand, had spent the first part of my unclehood winding my nieces and nephews up into a giggling frenzy before handing them back off to mom and dad, whereupon I would make my escape back to the peace and quite of my bachelor pad. I was pleasantly surprised (and a little jealous) that my two of my nieces were so absolutely enthralled with their new aunt Jan that they ignored me entirely, and they spent the few hours before Thanksgiving dinner vying for every spare second of Jan’s attention.

There are usually so many of us at these things that in addition to the “adult” table and “kids” table, we also have a separate table for the desserts. Most families have something that is uniquely theirs. It could be a physical thing, like the “family lake house” or a physical characteristic like “the family nose.” My family is famous for its sweet tooth, so we have a dessert table.

I’m the oldest of five, and all of us can cook to varying degrees. The first thing that each one of us learned to cook was some sort of dessert (my recipe request was for chocolate pie). I’ve got a police officer brother who can make a mean fudge and an even better banana pudding, and my other siblings are all equally talented in the preparation of at least one sweet dish. You can only imagine how loaded down the dessert table is on family holidays; our first Thanksgiving as a married couple was no exception.

It was time to eat. We bowed our heads to say grace. After the amens were said Jan looked up an asked, “Where are A____ and T_____?” During the prayer my two youngest nieces, her newest fans, had slipped away from from the kids table and were now at the dessert table, each of them sitting daintily with forks in hand, one digging into a sweet potato pie, the other a chocolate cake. They are my brother’s daughters all the way, and the family sweet tooth lives on at least for one more generation.

Speaking of sweet potato pie, here’s a video recipe from my personal Youtube channel:

What’s Out There Wednesday

I’ve just become enamored with a new blog. Thirty Day Adventure is about a young woman trying new things for, you guessed it, thirty days. It’s well written, and she is doing some admirable things. Her previous challenge was a no car adventure. It was a great read and I highly recommend that you check out her blog. Her current adventure involves cooking from scratch, and I’m honored that she chose to do my Lime Tartlets recipe. You can read how it turned out for her here.

I’ve got a chocolate-cashew tart to bake, so that’s it for now. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with laughter, joy and gratitude.