How to Make Coffee Extract How to Make Coffee Extract

Hello dear friends, I wonder how many of you like coffee and how many of you LOVE coffee?
I would say I fall into the LOVE coffee category. I blame my mother for this because as a young child I remember smelling my parents morning coffee and asking if I could have some. My mother, thinking, “She bounces off the wall as it is,” and as I was much too young, the answer was always “No”.

I remember loving the smell of coffee from a very young age. I guess I was about ten and it’s now been years of asking for the wonderful drink that smelled like heaven. “Please can I just have a little taste?” She finally said “You can have a little in a glass of milk with some cookies”. That was a fine idea and a mistake. Perhaps she thought one taste and I would steer clear of coffee and stop bothering her about it. Wrong!!!

Well that was far from the case. I loved it and my passion has grown since then. In addition I love anything that taste like coffee as well. For example World Market has a hard candy that taste of coffee and not a little like coffee but this strong sweet coffee taste. Long ago I bought a bag, opened the bag when I got out in the car, and went right back in and purchased three more bags!

I found I had a serious addiction to these candies and could eat one right after the other and had to break my habit. So sad!

If a recipe mentions coffee anywhere in the recipe I become giddy with excitement. I don’t need all the fu fu stuff tho I do like them -I love my coffee black. Then one day years ago I came across a recipe that called for coffee extract, I hunted for coffee extract found it at a cost of $5.29 in a very small bottle and this was a few years back. I needed it a couple of days ago and discovered I was very low on it. Loving the Internet I thought why not? Looked it up and thought how easy is that. Two ingredients, that was all. Vodka and coffee beans. Well I only had gin not vodka, more research and oh joy you can use any liquor. Then I thought using coffee beans they will have to soak a few days at least (I’ve made my own vanilla so I knew the basics of extracts.) what if I use espresso powder? It’s a little stronger than the regular coffee extract I had purchased and just want I wanted. It cost a lot less too… win, win.

How to Make Coffee Extract

1cup gin or vodka
4 Tablespoons espresso powder
Combine and store in a dark cool place

That’s it! Because it’s alcohol based, the shelf life is indefinite. I wanted you all to know this recipe so we can have some fun with it. So stay tune for some great recipes using it. Meanwhile let me know how you like (or LOVE) your coffee.