Homemade Mayonnaise

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Slightly adapted from Food Wishes

This one has eluded me for a while. I tried the food processor method, the blender method, and even the (gasp) hand held whisk method, and was never able to get my mayonnaise to emulsify. A few years ago I complained to a friend of mine who also happens to be a highly skilled chef. He laughed and promised to show me how to properly make it the next time we saw each other.

Well, the next time came, and even he had to hang his head in defeat, giving an excuse that was probably the chef equivalent of the sun being in his eyes. Meanwhile, it seemed like every blog post, blog comment, and cookbook I read extolled the virtues and taste bud nirvana of homemade mayonnaise. Everyone was doing it! Everyone but me.

Now, I’m no slouch when it comes to making things with a perceived high level of difficulty. I’ve made croissants from scratch. I’ve made macarons, beautifully crusty baguettes, and even taught myself to hand temper chocolate whereupon I made truffles that were so delicious and technically perfect that I had quite a few professional chefs look at me with an astonished mixture of respect and envy as soon as they bit into one. But I can’t make mayonnaise?!

Not content to admit defeat I watched quite a few instructional videos on how to make homemade mayo, none of them giving me the information and confidence I needed to give it another try until I stumbled upon Chef John at Food Wishes.

Aha! the secret was that we needed an immersion blender. It just so happens that we were looking for an excuse to get one, and this seemed as good a reason as any. We settled on the Cuisinart Smart Stick, mainly because we have a Cuisinart food processor and a Cuisnart ice cream maker and are happy with both. And now we’re happy with the immersion blender.

This easy recipe makes a very tangy homemade mayonnaise and is something that you should definitely try.

Homemade Mayonnaise
Prep time
Total time
Slightly adapted from Food Wishes, this is an easy method for homemade mayonnaise.
Recipe type: Stocks and Sauces
Serves: ¾ cup
  • 1 egg yolk
  • ½ tbl fresh lemon juice
  • ½ tbl white wine vinegar
  • 12 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp Dijon mustard
  • 34 cup olive oil
  1. Using a stick (immersion) blender and a narrow container, start by adding the ingredients in the order listed.
  2. Let the ingredients settle for about one minute.
  3. Hold the blade of the stick blender at the bottom of the container and pulse for one second.
  4. As the egg begins to emulsify, give the stick blender several short pulses until about 2 thirds of the mixture looks like mayonnaise.
  5. Moving the stick blender up and down, mix until all of the oil is incorporated.
  6. Chill for about 30 minutes.
  7. Keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.