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Blue Cheese and Fig Savories blue cheese savories

I needed to put together a few cheese-filled baked goods for a work event and as I’ve been on a bit of a scone kick recently I started thinking about doing something different this time. My first thought was a savory cookie, and I came up with a habanero-cheddar-apple chutney cookie that I just love (more on that another day). Not everyone can stand the heat of habanero peppers, so I’ve got a few other items in the mix to round out the selection.

Then I remembered that not everyone shares my unfortunate blue cheese allergy, and decided I also needed a recipe using blue cheese. As I can’t use my own palate as a guide I did a quick search to see if there was such a thing already out there. Continue reading

Happy Chocolate Mousse Day! chocolate mousse

That’s right, April 3rd is Chocolate Mousse Day. I don’t know when it became official, but I sometimes wonder why it isn’t at least as popular as President’s Day. I mean, I understand that we’re lucky to live in a democracy and we have had at least a few great presidents in the history of this country, but Chocolate Mousse Day has chocolate mousse! I think you see my point. Continue reading

Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Parfait Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Parfait

I really do love plain yogurt. If I want it sweetened I will not purchase the little tubs but rather make my own. I tend to be one of those people that likes a little something sweet at the end of a meal…it doesn’t have to be a heavy dessert. I also enjoy fruit and together you have the perfect after dinner treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about. Your guest will appreciate this as well. I use honey which acts as refined sugar in your body but without the sharp spike. Honey is very sweet so you will more than likely not need as much to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just a note- babies should not have honey but as they get older they can enjoy it with you. Continue reading

Avocado Cilantro Bean Dip Avocado Cilantro Bean DipAfter what seems like weeks of much needed rain, we’ve had enough dry days in a row to tackle the jungle that was formerly our yard. A few hours of mowing and weed eating got the lawn back in shape, and as a bonus we enjoyed a pretty good workout. Needing to replenish the salt and potassium we lost doing an honest day’s work, I thought that this avocado cilantro bean dip was just the thing. Continue reading

Vol-au-Vent | French Pastry Shells

Want to impress the heck out of someone? Vol-au-vents are easy to make puff pastry shells that are light as a feather (vol-au-vent is French for flight of air) and impressive as all get out. Did I mention how easy they are to make? Continue reading

Homemade Limoncello

Homemade Limoncello http://twocooksonepot.comThis homemade limoncello is an easy to make, classic Italian aperitif.

I am sure many of you have seen the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. Well it so happens to be one of my favorite movies and I watch it at least once a year. It fulfills my travel whims: food, architecture, friends, really all my loves in one movie. It stars Diane Lane and she is superb in this. If you have not seen it I encourage you to check it out.

Well about half way through the movie she falls in love with a handsome gentleman from Italy. He takes her to meet his family for dinner and at the end of the meal they bring out some homemade Limoncello that his family makes every year. This drink looked wonderful! On a side note I dream of traveling to Italy some day, for some reason I have always been drawn to Italy! Anyone else feel the same?

Well following the first viewing and being a curious sort I researched limoncello, thinking what is this wonderful little aperitif, I must try this! Where have you been all my life? It sounded amazing and it covered an important food group, fruit. Right? So then I looked at several recipes to find the perfect one and it turns out they are all pretty much the same. Three simple ingredients…lemons, clear liquor, and sugar.

I made it and it was wonderful and a nice finish to a spicy Italian dish I might add.

Here goes:

5 ripe lemons, get ones with no green. Organic is best as you’ll use the outer skin and we don’t want pesticides in our Limoncello. Oh NO!
375 ml Ever Clear

Wash the lemon well. Using a potato peeler peel the thinnest outer part of the skin, you don’t want any white as it will turn bitter.

Place your peels in the Ever Clear and place in a dark, cool spot such as a pantry or closet for 45 days until peels are colorless. Shake occasionally.

After 45 days:
1 cup sugar
22 oz. water
Combine in a sauce pan and bring to a simmer, stir to dissolve; set aside to cool.

Strain the lemon peels from the Ever Clear and discard peel or see below*. In a large bottle of your choice pour the Ever Clear and sugar solution in together. Place back in the pantry or dark cool closet for 30 days. If the appearance is cloudy you may want to run it through a coffee filter. It’s ready after 30 days.

*I gave these as gifts one year and in the case of the lemon peels rather than toss I rolled them in sugar to garnish desserts. I usually don’t care for sweet wine, tea or other drinks but I make an exception here.



Artichoke & Gruyere Dip

Artichoke & Gruyere Dip

Artichoke & Gruyere dip is a classic, creamy appetizer that really lets the richness of the gruyere shine through.

If you haven’t already noticed we love artisan cheeses. We in fact owned a wine and cheese shop once upon a time and so enjoyed the expierence we had with like minds. We are foodies from way back and so this blog comes from our hearts. Continue reading

Garlic Shrimp Cheesecake Puffs

Garlic Shrimp Cheesecake Puffs

A few years ago I needed to whip up some last minute appetizers for Thanksgiving and in a burst of creativity and desperation I came up with these garlic shrimp cheesecake puffs. They were a big hit, so of course I promptly forgot about them. I’m not entirely certain that I even got to taste them, but vividly remember my brother-in-law raving about how good they were. Continue reading

Easy Boeuf Bourguignon

Easy Boeuf Bourguignon

I have made this Boeuf Bourguignon recipe on a number of occasions over the years and it is sublime. It’s easy and much faster than the original French recipe. However, it is still dark, rich, and wine based with a slow cook style. Slow cooking is very important, a simmer for three to four hours is key. Continue reading