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We know there are hundreds of food blogs out there, and we’re so glad you decided to spend some time with us. At Two Cooks, One Pot we cook real food. For us that means that, except for the salt, our ingredients walked, grew, swam or flew. We use organic when we can, avoid using GMOs, and try not to be too preachy about it. If you’d like to know more about us and  why we’re so passionate about eating organic, here is part one and part two.


I have so many passions- decorating, painting, drawing, reading, travel, and of course food, specifically how it’s prepared. I can honestly say I’ve never encountered a type of food that I don’t like and I will try just about anything except that show where he eats weird things like bugs and etc. Ick!

I have a new passion in the food category “healthy but delicious” food and it can be done. We rarely eat out and if we do it’s at a friends home.  We purchase organic as much as we can, and whole foods. I have not eaten a processed food since 2012.  Don’t worry, this blog isn’t about converting anyone. We’re all on our own journey and this works for me. Let me explain.

In late 2010 I was diagnosed with an auto immune illness (where your body basically turns on itself). I’ve been bed ridden, hospitalized, and didn’t know how I was going to be able to live with the pain. In 2012 I suffered a stroke. I know, it’s an old persons illness- however my inflammation was so acute that the blood vessels were also inflamed or so I assume as they were unable to find a reason for the stroke and would not comment other than saying “it’s possible”. People younger and younger are falling prey to strokes and I believe in some cases it’s because of the foods we eat. No, I’m not a doctor but through research and experimenting I am functioning very well and have in fact fully recovered from the stroke, with no lasting impairment. Now it’s rare that I take medications of any kind and I feel great as long as I eat correctly for me. I had gained weight prior to the diagnosis and when I ate correctly for me the pounds dropped off and I was back in shape.  I don’t believe in diets and have even found healthy alternatives to those things I love but shouldn’t eat.

This blog is for you if you like good, flavorful, delicious, appetizing food. You don’t need to adhere to my theory on healthy eating (my husband does try but he falls a little short and even I fall short from time to time especially where sweets are concerned). We enjoy our time in the kitchen and have fun while looking for healthy ways to eat and not feel deprived.

So I hope you’ll come along on this journey with us. We promise fun, laughs, and good food.
Maybe you’ll find healthier is the answer to any aliments you may have or maybe you’ll just enjoy a good meal with your family!


I’m a story teller at heart, a Navy veteran and former working singer/songwriter who oddly enough has seen more of the world with my guitar than I did working for Uncle Sam. As a musician I was fortunate enough to travel the U.S. and Europe telling my stories and sampling the local cuisine, as a “sailor” I was stationed in the desert of Southern California, a hundred miles from the ocean. Lots of beach, no water.

My childhood was spent on the Texas Gulf Coast and I grew up eating the fresh seafood and spicy Cajun cuisine that my little corner of the world was known for. Despite my sweet tooth and love of the type of menu items you’d normally only see in a fast food restaurant, I’ve always preferred to eat organic. It just makes sense to me, and every day that goal gets easier to accomplish because we now have more and more organic choices before us. That doesn’t mean that I always eat a perfectly balanced diet; Jan likes to joke that I’d be very happy living off of potatoes, rice and bread. Throw in dessert and the occasional burger and piece of chicken and I think I could live up to the challenge.

In addition to the fun of sharing recipes and shooting videos, I do all of the boring, behind the scenes technical things on this website. Now seems like as good a time as any to take responsibility for any broken links or glitches that may come up in the future.


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