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Healthy and Delicious Sweet Potato Cookies

Sweet Potato Cookies http://twocooksonepot.comWell it’s the new year and it seems to be the time we focus on better eating habits or losing weight or both. Eating healthy is something we try to do as part of our every day routine. Not always accomplished, but I do fairly well… as for my better half he’s trying and has gotten so much better. I am really proud of him.  For example we didn’t gain weight over the holiday. I would personally still like to shed a few pounds and look like I did at age 20. Oh, and win the lottery.

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Homemade Pot Pie Recipe

Homemade Pot Pie

Can I ask you a question? How many of you love Pot Pies? Do they bring back good memories for you? I assume many of you have had the store bought versions however, how many grew up on the homemade type? Well I for one grew up on the store bought version and I thought they were OK but not terrific. As time went by the meat and vegetables became less and less in many of the pot pies we purchased and more sauce. Have you noticed this too? Continue reading

How To Make Spicy Link Sausage

Spicy Link Sausage

We’ve got a great recipe for a spicy link sausage to share with you. A number of years ago I discovered making my own sausage– Italian, spicy pork, and a chicken sausage as well as a few others. To say I had such fun making these (as well as eating them) would be an understatement. I don’t know why but I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and it’s so simple with savory dishes. Add a touch of this, a sprinkle of that… a pinch here and there makes life more interesting, don’t you think? As your palate experiences different flavors it just gets easier to expand and perfect recipes to your own taste. Let’s face it- cooking should be a fun and creative outlet. Continue reading